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Jose Gamero is an Electronics Engineer. He lives in Manotick, south of Ottawa, Ontario.

His first contact with wood carving happened during his early years of High School, when he was taught how to carve cedar picture frames. Carving disappeared from his life for many years, until his son was in High School and Jose was looking for a Christmas present for him. He found the perfect gift: a carving tool box on sale at a local store. He reshaped the cutting edges of the tools following Chris Pye's book "Relief Carving in Wood". Jose's son managed to complete several relief carvings of animal figures following Chris Pye teachings; he would later leave carving to pursue Electrical Engineering and Jose inherited the tools.

A woodworker on weekends his whole life, Jose returned to carving with small characters following the book "Carving Small Characters" by Jack Price, by far the best book he ever found. He moved to carving Indian caricatures after discovering the website "Out West Woodcarving" created by Lynn O. Doughty.

One day, Jose found the "Folk Art Peacock" project by Vernon DePauw in "Woodcarving Illustrated". This project was the starting point to develop his own techniques of designing, carving, painting, and antiquing of folk art birds. Vernon's email support was invaluable during this evolution time.

His current interest is relief carving. He is always looking for images carved in stone by ancient cultures to transfer them to wood carvings. He also carves landscapes.

Jose is an avid reader of carving books and magazines. He carves mostly his own designs. He spends many hours in his outdoor shop carving and preparing teaching material.

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