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How to Carve a Shelf Apache

This is a 36-page book that teaches in 65 steps the carving of the bust of an Apache that sits on a shelf. Each step is accompanied by a picture showing the state of the Apache after the step instructions have been completed. The book teaches in 7 steps the painting of the Apache with acrylic paints; it provides color charts and eyes painting pictures. The book teaches the antiquing process with linseed oil.

The figure below shows the Page 9 of the book as a sample.

The Apache of this book has a squared face, big nose, big cheeks, wide chin, and long hair. He is friendly, a little shy maybe. He is not looking straight. The figure is a medium difficulty piece to carve.

You can modify the expression of the Apache once you have learned the carving basics. You can try all kinds of necklaces and ornaments on the chest. Some Apaches have a sadder face. Others show arrogant faces.


C$ 16.00

Note: Ready-made bust blanks are available to purchase through this website.

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