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How to Carve a Shelf Crow

This is a 24-page book that teaches in 26 steps the carving of the head of a crow that sits on a shelf. Each step is accompanied by a picture showing the state of the crow after the step instructions have been completed. The book teaches in 6 steps the painting of the crow with acrylic paints; it provides color charts and eyes painting pictures. The book teaches the antiquing process with linseed oil.

The figure below shows the Page 10 of the book as a sample. The pictures of this book are in black and white.

The crow of this book has a rounded head and very expressive eyes. The figure is an easy piece to carve.

Form your family of crows modifying their expressions once you have learned the carving basics. You can change the shape of the eyes and the locations of the irises (those black dots inside the eyes). You can modify the shape of the head but keep the color, otherwise you will be creating another species.


C$ 10.00

Note: Ready-made head blanks are available for purchasing through this website.

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