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How to Carve a Shelf Witch

This is a 32-page book that teaches in 63 steps the carving of the bust of a witch that sits on a shelf. Each step is accompanied by a picture showing the state of the witch after the step instructions have been completed. The book teaches in 7 steps the painting of the witch with acrylic paints; it provides color charts and eyes painting pictures. The book teaches the antiquing process with linseed oil.

The figure below shows the Page 11 of the book as a sample.

The Witch of this book is a Bella Strega. She is a beautiful woman. She has a rounded face, pointed nose, mischievous eyes and exuberant hair. The figure is a medium difficulty piece to carve.

You can modify the expression of the Witch once you have learned the carving basics. She would appreciate a beautiful necklace and forehead ornaments. Just don't let her lose her wonderful smile or make her appear overweight.


C$ 15.00

Note: Ready-made bust blanks are available for purchasing through this website.

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